press release

photo by Luigi Ghirri from Atlante, 1973-4

©Luigi Ghirri

Mois de la Photo à Paris 2012

(section The enchanted Reality)


Thanks to Luigi Ghirri & Italian Emerging Photography


Luigi Ghirri  & Marco Barbon, Ottavia Castellina, Margherita Cesaretti,

Alessandro Imbriaco, Claudia Pozzoli, Susanna Pozzoli

 Curated by Laura Serani

Exhibition and catalogue by Montrasio Arte

Hôtel de Sauroy 58 rue Charlot – Paris 75003 – France

November 3 – December 1, 2012 Tuesday-Wednesday-Friday-Saturday-Sunday 2.00 – 7.00 pm| Thursday 2.00-9.00 pm
preview: November 2, 20126.30-9.00 pm cocktail the photographers of Italian Emerging Photography will be present
opening: November 13, 2012 6.30-9.00 pm cocktail the photographers of Italian Emerging Photography will be present
closing party: November 29, 2012 6.30-9.00 pm cocktail the photographers of Italian Emerging Photography will be present

« Because all the possible journeys have already been described and the itineraries have already been traced. By now, the only possible journey seems to be within the sphere of signs and images; that is, the destruction of direct experience…» Luigi Ghirri
Atlas (1973/1974), the emblematic work by Luigi Ghirri here presented, is the perfect result of the need for abstraction that induced the author to constantly question himself on the way one can recreate the real, the landscape, starting from the Bel Paese. Luigi Ghirri (1943 – 1992) has been a model for generations of artists. He played a central role in the Italian photography scene, becoming a prominent personality both for his theoretical thought and for his work. A forerunner he uses colour in an innovative way.
Thanks to Luigi Ghirri proposes a panoramic look at the heritage he left to a new generation, now involved in redefining and elaborating the limits of the photographic scope. The exhibition brings together six photographers with very different approaches. Their point of agreement with the “master” consists of the great liberty that characterized their work is.
Starting from evoking the past, up to recreating the magic of nature, contemporary photographers’ freedom intermixes genres and introduces new ways of expression for documentary researches: narration, if not an autobiographic intervention, plays here a very important role. So even if we are dealing with “real stories”, as in Marco Barbon’s Asmara Dream or in Susanna Pozzoli’s On the Block. Harlem Private View (made thanks to the artist-in-residence program Harlem Studio Fellowship by Montrasio Arte) a sense of poetry lays in the images, suspending them on a different dimension in between fiction and memory, far from the concrete world. We can then perceive that a documentary approach and a more conceptual research carry together a deep emotional power. This new perspective on reality and the invention of a personal world is even more evident in: Ottavia Castellina, who makes up the past of places by borrowing memories form a stranger; Margherita Cesaretti’s magic herbarium, in which plants result from an hybridisation of different techniques; Alessandro Imbriaco’s Static Drama (developed thanks to HSF by MA), in which backyards photographed at sunset, become archetypal settings of possible domestic dramas or even in Claudia Pozzoli’s enchanted mountains, lonely and imposing as living metaphors.
Laura Serani
This exhibition has been conceived and made by Montrasio Arte, Italian gallery born in 1939, based in Milan and Monza that has been supporting with consistent projects (including artist-in-residence program Harlem Studio Fellowship de Montrasio Arte in New York) the work of young promising artists and photographers, over the years. After his presentation at the Hôtel de Sauroy during the Mois de la Photo, the travelling exhibition will be exposed in different art spaces in Italy. On the occasion of this exhibition, a catalogue edited by Ruggero Montrasio and Laura Serani will be published by Montrasio Arte. it will include texts by Laura Serani and Daniele Astrologo Abadal.

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press contact :    Nathalie Dran Ph. 09 61 30 19 46 | 06 99 41 52 49

coordination : Christine Bréchemier


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